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Our Commitment to You!

The Margarita Man of Los Angeles takes your business very seriously and we will provide you with the best possible service every time you contact us. We deliver spotlessly clean equipment to each and every party, and you, our customer, are always our first priority.

Online Reservation
Machines – How many machines would you like?

You can order up to four margarita machines on-line. For five or more rentals please call us for price and power requirements.

Single flavor margarita machine
Price is for 24 hour rental service with fifty cups, straws, salt and salt rimmer. Delivery in the Los Angeles area, and next day pickup is also included.

Qty   First free flavor
One machine @ $175
Two machines @ $300
Three machines @ $400
Four machines @ $500
Mixes – What additional flavors/Mixes  would you like?
    Flavor   Qty   Price
      $25 each:
Taco catering service - Would you like to order tacos?
Taco special $450 offer!
This price only available with a margarita machine rental

Taco stand with an attendant for three hours, serving freshly grilled chicken, steak, and pork tacos for fifty guests (approx. three tacos per guest). Paper goods included.
Concession Equipment – What concessions would you like?
Nacho display case and cheese warmer   Qty
$75 each for 24 hours  
Popcorn machine with 50 servings   Qty
$75 each for 24 hours  
Cotton Candy Machine with 75 servings   Qty
$75 each for 24 hours  
Snow Cone Machine with 100 servings   Qty
$95 each for 24 hours (you provide ice)  
Pretzel display case and oven   Qty
$75 each for 24 hours  
Churro display case and oven   Qty
$75 each for 24 hours  
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Unless you tell us otherwise, we will run your credit card payment two days before your event.
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